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Welcome to Rana News. We are a team of IT enthusiasts dedicated to the latest developments in the field of online security, privacy, the dark web and cryptocurrency. Even though the online revolution sweeping our world has generally facilitated and improved our lives, it has also created new challenges. Given that we strongly value the freedom of information and association, our objective is to arm our readers with the required skills to navigate safely online.

Among other things, our website provides you with relevant news articles, guides, market lists and market charts. We aim to share user-friendly information, free of influences from external actors. Therefore, you will not find any clear position on matters such as political ideology, economic systems and other sensitive subjects.

Rana News does not approve nor encourage criminal behaviour. We also discourage the consumption of (illegal) drugs. However, we cannot prevent people from making certain personal decisions.

We earn money mostly through advertisements. If you appreciate our work, you can also consider donating. Rana News does not receive commission from traffic leading to dark web sites and the subsequent sale of (illicit) goods.

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